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"There is an emotional party(side) of the Irish terrier which does not meet almost at any other dogs: smack of mysticism of the ground of his(its) origin " - the citation from Alberta пэйсона Тейхуна


About these dogs wrote Jack London in the novels: " You all клубочек the tense nerves with gold heart, and all this is wrapped up outside in golden шкурку, you gold, pure gold and all over the world are not present second such dog ". "... Four-footed fair the man. The Пес-man on four legs, also I do not know, whether is some more such on light. The maximum(supreme) breed, really! His(its) blood, a clever brain and courageous heart will be shown in one thousand generations … ».

About the same dogs wrote Ремарк (" Three comrades "). We have agreed, that I зайду for собачкой then, after work. - You in a condition to understand, what exactly you have now got? - has asked me Густав on To street. Is a rare copy! The Irish terrier! Any defect. Moreover a family tree in придачу. You not смеешь even to look at him(it), a Christian! Before to start talking with this скотинкой, you should it(her) bow low.

December, 3, 1999 in Australia was the monument to a dog of breed the Irish terrier full-scale in the Centre of educational exhibitions of Fort "Эврика" in commemoration of a small devoted dog which has remained with the owner during revolt of gold diggers Ballarta in staff(state) Victoria December, 3, 1854 is solemnly open. The weapon of miners became rough forged metal mattocks with which tried to resist to well armed army. In this only thing, in Australia, civil revolt more than 35 person were killed and more than 80-are wounded in battle. Among the gold miners killed in battle the owner of the small terrier was. The dog remained as adhered at a body of the owner and with his(its) tomb. It is historically established, that this terrier the Irish terrier was.


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(Apr 24, 2008)

May, 3, 2009, the unique girl from Vonton Golden Happyness and Gold Heart Stenli was born.

Golden Happiness Dairin

Golden Happiness Dairin

We congratulate on the successful beginning of exhibition career !!!

On May, 3rd 2009г. A regional exhibition " PETER ASSEMBLY " expert АЛИФИРЕНКО В.Э.-САС, ЛПП, ЛС.

With a holiday of Ireland of all Irish terriers and their owners!!!

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Golden Happiness Derbi

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Chempion Russia, Chempion RKF, Chempion Latvia, Chempion Lithuania, Chempion Byelorussia.

March, 08 2009.

"The Baltic triumph! " The international exhibition rank CACIB.Эксперт: Boris Shapiro (France). CACIB, ЛПП.

15-16 ноября 2008г.

The international exhibition of dogs CACIB FCI "Byelorussia. - 2008" November, 15 2008 Expert: Boris Shapiro (France). CACIB, ЛПП. The international exhibition of dogs CACIB FCI "Autumn - 2008", November, 16, 2008. The expert: Walter JUNGBLUT (Germany). CACIB, ЛС.

October, 12 2008.

The international exhibition of dogs CACIB FCI " Auksine Taure*2008 " (Lithuania, Vilnius). The expert: Luxembourg. CACIB, ЛПП.

June, 15 2008.

The international exhibition of dogs CACIB FCI OZOLNIEKI, 15.06.08. (Latvia). The expert: Maite GONZALBO (Spanija / Spain). CACIB, ЛС.

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